Waterloo Park

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Located in the north of the city, Waterloo Park can be found between Aylsham Road and Angel Road. 

It’s one of a series of formal parks that received government funding after world war one as part of a building and planting programme. Waterloo, as with the other parks in this programme, is characterised by its formal geometric layout. 

Opened in 1933, today it boasts to having one of the longest herbaceous borders in the United Kingdom. Currently the facilities include a tennis court, children’s play area, large splash pad, bandstand and pavilion.

Waterloo is one of four of the parks recently restored using lottery funding. It is a Grade II listed park and is included in the English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest.

Splash pad

Waterloo Park water play
Courtesy of Sonya Duncan, EDP 

In 2011, we installed a splash pad, providing children an exciting water play facility. 

We talked to parents, children and families at the park, parents’ evenings, school assemblies and a Sure Start play session to get an understanding of what people wanted. You can see the consultation here.
Featuring water jets, spray curtains and much more, the splash pad provides hours of interactive play for children during the summer months.
The water supply is switched on between the hours of 10am and 6pm right the way through from whitsun bank holiday, until the end of the schools’ summer break.
The water used for this play feature is recycled. We collect the water used in a large storage system in the ground and use this to water the bowling greens and trees during the summer evenings.



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