El Viejo Friendship Link

Basilica in El Viejo
Basilica in El Viejo

The official civic twinning organisation linking Norwich and Norfolk with the City and Municipality of El Viejo in Nicaragua.

The Link was set up in 1986 as the Norwich - El Viejo Link. It was initiated by the Norwich Central America Group, a solidarity group with countries in Central America, at a time when Nicaragua was undergoing fundamental political development following the popular overthrow in 1979 of the US supported dictatorship which had governed the country for over thirty years. The aim of the Link is to establish friendly relations with the people of El Viejo, to establish a relationship between the two communities at Council level, to facilitate exchanges between the two communities, and to promote and provide practical support for projects in El Viejo.

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  • State of Calamity and Disaster declared in Nicaragua October 2011

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