Budget and council tax reduction scheme consultation

Consultation closed 6 December 2012


The council is preparing its budget for 2013-14 and is facing a number of challenges, changes and choices:

  • The council needs to find a further £7 million of savings or additional income over the next five years, including £1.6 million for 2013-14. This is due to budgetary pressures such as reduced government funding and inflation.
  • The council also needs to decide whether to increase council tax for 2013-14. The council has frozen its portion of the council tax in Norwich at the same level for the last two years.
  • The government is also abolishing the council tax benefit scheme, which helps those people on low or no income to pay their council tax. This national scheme will have to be replaced by a locally run scheme called the council tax reduction scheme. As part of this the government is reducing the amount of funding it provides to councils for this scheme by 10 per cent. In Norwich this will be about £1.5 million per year.

The council wants to get the views of the whole city – residents, businesses, visitors, voluntary groups and other public organisations – about how it tackles these challenges, changes and choices. This is your chance to tell the council what you think about these important issues.

In order to make sure your responses are kept confidential and the reporting of results is fair, the council has asked BMG Research, an independent market research agency, to carry out the survey on its behalf.

This public consultation will run from 13 September to 6 December 2012. Councillors will then use this information to help them make decisions about the budget and the council tax reduction scheme in the new year.

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