Norwich's Big Switch and Save launched

An innovative collective switching project which aims to save households money on their energy bills was formally launched on 22 October 2012.
Norwich’s Big Switch and Save is a project by Norwich City Council which uses people power as a bargaining chip to negotiate a lower energy deal with power providers.
All householders have to do is sign up to register their interest. After the registration period has closed, a one-day auction will take place where our switching specialist partner iChoosr will negotiate the best deal for our Norwich group.
Householders will then be informed by email or letter as to exactly how much they stand to save and they are then free to decide whether to go ahead and make the big switch.
The scheme is easy and free and with no obligations and is open to all households within the Norwich City Council boundary.
It is primarily an online initiative with built-in assistance for those who may have difficulty negotiating the website registration form. Local libraries offer free internet access and additionally people can use a friend’s computer and email address to sign up if they wish.
You will need an energy bill handy to apply. Help and support for online registrants is available on 0800 0988994. Registration is open until Sunday 25 November, emails will be sent announcing the energy deal on or around Friday 30 November and people will have until Wednesday 19 December to decide whether to switch.
There is a limited facility for those people who wish to register offline. For more information contact us on 0344 980 3333. Offline registration closes on Friday 16 November and this group of people will have until Friday 14 December to make the final switch.
Council leader Councillor Brenda Arthur said: "This is something we can do right now for the people of Norwich. Everyone should sign up and save money.
"We’ve all heard recently how energy prices are on the rise and this scheme can offer real savings without all the complexity and effort of trying to switch on your own.
"All you do is sign up and we do all the rest and leave you to reap the benefits of saving money on your bills."
It is estimated that one in five households in Norwich are in fuel poverty which equates to 10,000 homes or 17 per cent of homes in the city.
A number of community organisations are being contacted including Voluntary Norfolk, local housing associations and other groups to spread the message far and wide so as many households as possible can benefit.
The scheme has been launched as part of the city council's corporate priority to make Norwich a prosperous city. The aim of Norwich Big Switch and Save is to help people maximise their income by saving money and to help alleviate fuel poverty. Tips are also available on how to save energy.

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