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2-hour business permits

A 2-hour short stay business permit may be issued if you can show that you need to visit clients within Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) in Norwich, you can use these on any vehicle but are only valid with the use of a permit clock, there are three options for this permit.

  • 2-hour business permit; issued for a specific CPZ (for any specified zone except Castle zone in the city centre)
  • 2-hour business permit; issued for all CPZs (for all zones except Castle zone in the city centre)

The permit will state 2-hours on the front, and is valid only when used with the clock.

How to apply for a 2-hour permit

When you apply for the first time, you need to provide the following proof of business for us to assess your eligibility.

  • your company or organisation name
  • business description
  • reasons for needing the permits, ie. why visits to multiple zones (or the specific zone requested) are required
  • how many permits are required and for what reasons.

Please allow up to five working days for your application to be processed.

Apply for a permit

Permits for charities and non-profit organisations

For charities and non profit organisations up to two, 2-hour charity permits may be issued, these are charged at a reduced rate.

  • 2-hour charity permit; issued for any CPZ (for all zones except Castle zone in the city centre)

Permit cost

  • Permit duration - you can have a permit for any period between one and eighteen months.
  • Calculate the cost - the permit fee is calculated by multiplying the £15.50 monthly fee by the number of months required and then adding the £12 permit charge.

Example: A six-month 2 hour business permit for all zones will cost £105, which is £15.50 monthly parking fee x 6 months + £12 permit charge = £105

Permit Permit charge Monthly parking fee
2-hour business permit for a specified CPZ £12 £10.50
2-hour permit for all CPZs £12 £15.50
2-hour all CPZs permit for a charity £12 £2.10

See a list of calculated permit costs for various permit periods