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Business dispensations

About business dispensations

These allow businesses or organisations which need regular access to their vehicle to park in areas where restrictions are in place.

They are valid for one vehicle, for one day only and not for a rolling 24-hour period across more than one day. You will need a dispensation for each vehicle for the number of days required, subject to terms and conditions.

Where you can park

  • on a waiting restriction such as single yellow or double yellow lines
  • in a parking permit bay (but not Car Club bays)
  • in a pay and display bay (no time restriction on maximum stay, no additional payment required)
  • in a limited waiting bay (no time restriction on maximum stay)
  • with prior agreement in a pedestrian zone. Contact us with the vehicle registration for each vehicle.

Where you cannot park

  • loading bays
  • blue badge bay
  • where there is a loading ban in force (single or double kerb flashes)
  • where there is a no-stopping restriction (eg bus stops, pedestrian crossings)
  • off-street car parks eg Chantry car park


£42.50 for a sheet of five dispensation vouchers.

Date specific dispensation permits are available for periods of 1,2,3 and 4 days at a cost of £12, £17, £25.50 and £34 respectively.

Useful information

  • Only commercial businesses or organisations are entitled to dispensations (eg a business, sole trader, self-employed person, charity or church).
  • Dispensations can only be used for commercial vehicles or vehicles that are liveried/marked (ie those with permanent vinyl markings to the bodywork or glazing, removable magnetic signs on the body or a removable sign attached to the roof).
  • Dispensations are only valid on-street (ie on the highway). They are not valid in Norwich City Council housing car parks where there is a housing parking scheme in operation.
  • You can use up to three dispensations in any one location at a time, subject to reasonable use.
  • If you have more than one vehicle in use, more than one dispensation will be needed.
  • Parking services and civil enforcement officers may determine that less than three vehicles is reasonable for safety or congestion reasons and you will be asked to move vehicles elsewhere.
  • If you need to park in various locations in one day you may write 'various' on the dispensation voucher in the relevant section.
  • Only buy as many dispensations as you are likely to need as refunds are not available.
  • If you no longer require access to your vehicle you must park elsewhere.