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My Norwich
Covid alert level for Norwich

The government confirmed on 12 October 2020 that Norwich is in Tier 1 (medium) of the new 3-tier system. Let’s all pull together to help prevent the spread of the virus and avoid further restrictions.

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The seven themes

Physical activity - improving awareness of the benefits of an active lifestyle, and improving access to activities in the city.

Diet, nutrition, and healthy weight - supporting people to make healthier food choices, and providing services to people seeking to achieve a healthy weight.

Education, training, and employment - recognising that the socio economic status of individuals impacts upon health and wellbeing; seeking to reduce the numbers not in education, training, and employment and promote the “living wage” for those in employment ; working with the education and employment sectors to raise awareness of health issues, and reduce sickness absence.

Sexual health - promoting safe sex, providing local and confidential sexual health services, and reducing sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies.

Smoking, alcohol, and drug misuse- helping people to stop smoking through the provision of local smoking cessation services, and reducing drug and alcohol misuse.

Health screening and prevention- improving access to screening opportunities, and encouraging people at risk of future ill-health to participate in regular health screening.

A healthy urban environment -making health and wellbeing a key consideration in urban planning, housing, and transport for the city.