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What happens after your petition is received

An acknowledgement will be sent to the petition organiser within 10 working days of receiving the petition. It will let the organiser know what we plan to do with the petition and when they can expect to hear from us again. It will also be published on our website.

If we take the action the petition asks for, the acknowledgement may confirm we have already, or intend to, take the action requested and the petition will be closed.

If the petition has enough signatures to trigger a portfolio holder response, council debate, or a senior officer giving evidence, the acknowledgment will confirm this and tell you when and where the meeting will take place. If the petition needs more investigation, we will tell you the steps we plan to take.

If the petition does not contain enough signatures to trigger a council debate or a senior officer giving evidence, the acknowledgement will tell you this and explain when you can expect to receive a response from us.

We will not take action on any petition we consider to be vexatious, abusive or otherwise inappropriate and will explain the reasons for this in our acknowledgement of the petition.

To ensure people know what we are doing in response to the petitions we receive, the details of all the petitions submitted to us will be published on our website, except in cases where this would be inappropriate.

Whenever possible we will also publish all correspondence relating to the petition (all personal details will be removed).