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Switch to save money off your fuel bills

Norwich's Big Switch and Save

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Super savings of more than £200 a year can potentially be made on household energy bills thanks to a great scheme run by Norwich City Council.

Norwich’s Big Switch and Save is open to all homes and businesses in the city, including households on pre-payment meters.

All you need to do is register, which is free, and the scheme tells you how much you could save. You then decide whether or not to switch to another electricity and/or gas company. If you do find it’s worth your while to make the change, Norwich’s Big Switch and Save handles it all for you – so it couldn’t be simpler or easier.  Switching is now easier than ever - you don’t even need to know your energy consumption – just which supplier you are with and whether you are a high, medium or low energy consumer.

A collective switching scheme, it works by joining together large groups of people (the bigger the better) and uses their people power to negotiate a better deal on individual gas and electricity bills.

Last time householders were offered average savings of more than £240 on their yearly bills. More than 17,000 people have previously signed up with more than 75 per cent being offered a saving.

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