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Resident parking permit

Apply for a resident parking permit

If you live in a controlled parking zone, you may be eligible for on-street resident and visitor permits for your vehicle.

Paper parking permits have now been replaced by virtual permits

Any current paper permits should continue to be displayed until they expire when they will then be replaced by virtual permits.

The current resident permit is now a virtual permit which details the vehicle registration number and zone in which it can be used.

If a vehicle isn’t displaying a visitor or other on-street permit for the zone or housing car park in which it’s parked, our civil enforcement team will scan the registration plate to determine if a virtual permit exists for the vehicle.

Non-vehicle specific permits are still issued as a paper permit.

Check if you are eligible for a permit

If you are eligible

If eligible you can apply for the following permits:

  • on-street resident permit
  • on-street resident blue badge permit
  • 4-hour short stay visitor permit
  • visitor permit scratch cards
  • free 4-hour short stay visitor permit (for households on certain means tested benefits).

For permits to park on a housing land car park see the housing car park scheme pages.

Before you apply online you will need to set up a customer account

Apply for a permit


To work out the cost of your permit you need to complete the following three steps:

1. Check the length of your vehicle

Charges are based on the following categories:

  • Short (S) - under 3.92m
  • Medium (M) - between 3.92m and 4.45m
  • Long (L) - over 4.45m and under 6m

Check the length of your car

2. Permit duration

You can have a permit for any period between 1 and 18 months.

3. Calculate the cost

The permit fee is calculated by multiplying a monthly fee (based on the length of the vehicle) by the number of permit months required, plus the £12 permit charge.

Vehicle length 1 month fee 3 month fee 6 month fee 12 month fee 18 month fee
Short (or blue badge holder) £13.05 £15.15 £18.30 £24.60 £30.90
Medium £14.10 £18.30 £24.60 £37.20 £49.80
Long  £15.40 £22.20 £32.40 £52.80 £73.20

See prices for a different permit duration

Blue badge permits

If you live in a parking zone you will need to apply for a permit to park on your street on a permanent basis. The permit charge is based on the lowest banding for vehicle length. See table above for prices.

Scratch cards

You can apply for scratch cards in multiples of £12, using the permit renewal form.

Apply for scratch cards

Temporary permits

If you are unable to provide proof that your vehicle is kept with you at the permit address, for example if you have just moved in, but can provide proof of residency and proof of vehicle ownership you can apply for a temporary permit for a period of 1 month costing £12.


If you use a different car or van every day for your job and bring it home to park, we can issue you with a multi-vehicle permit.

To issue you with your parking permit we will need to see a letter from your employer confirming that you need to park different work vehicles at your home address.

When you apply

You will need to prove residency for all our residential permits (see the terms and conditions), and in addition, for a permit for your own vehicle that it is related to the permit address, such as:

  • Valid insurance schedule*
  • Vehicle registration certificate (V5C, available from the DVLA)*
  • Official bill of sale*
  • We can accept being a named driver on an insurance policy but it must show the address for which the permit is requested.

* If studying in Norwich this must include the address the permit is requested for (insurance schedule – showing this as a second address or postcode where the vehicle is kept or alternatively an email/letter from the insurance company clearly stating the address amendments).

Care permits

You may be eligible for a care permit if you need long-term care in your home (including child care needs). How to apply for a care permit.

Renewing a permit

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to check the expiry date of their permit and renew accordingly.

The renewal reminder service is provided as a courtesy so we strongly recommend that you make a note of when your permits expires. 

When the vehicle is parked in a permit zone it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that the vehicle has a valid virtual permit.

If the vehicle has a paper permit, it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure the vehicle is parked with a valid permit on display.

Renew a permit

Change of details

You will need to tell us if the following details are changed so we can update your permit:

  • Change of vehicle
  • Change of address within the same permit zone
  • Change of address to another permit zone

Change of details

Difficulty applying online

If you are experiencing difficulty applying for a permit online, please contact us online or call 0344 980 3333. Please note we do not have a drop-in service for issuing parking permits at City Hall.

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