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Property renovation permit

We offer a permit for up to six months valid on any vehicle, to enable to you renovate a property.
These are available for use in any Controlled Parking Zone where permit parking spaces are located, please note that the Castle sub zone in the city centre does not have any permit parking spaces.

The permit is not renewable and you will need to demonstrate that you have a need for it. It is not available to you if you already hold any resident permits.

(Contractors may apply for Dispensation parking permits for their vehicles if required in association with a property renovation project)

Permit cost

New prices from Monday 8 August

  • Permit duration - you can have a permit for any period between one and six months.
  • Calculate the cost - the permit fee is calculated by multiplying the £13.13 monthly fee by the number of months required and then adding the £15 permit charge.

Example: A six-month permit will cost £93.78, which is £13.13 monthly parking fee x 6 months + £15 permit charge = £93.78

Permit Permit charge Monthly parking fee
Property renovation permit £15 £13.13

How to apply for a permit