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My Norwich

Hotel and guesthouse permits

Business rated properties

Permits are available to hotels and guesthouses with business rated premises outside the city centre parking zone.

Up to three business user permits are available for the first five letting bedrooms, and then one permit for each set of up to five additional bedrooms.

Airbnb/short-term lets

Properties outside of the city centre parking zones that operate as an Airbnb or short-term let may apply for one guest house permit.

To apply for a permit please email your request along with proof of letting arrangements eg link to the website listing to

Permit cost

New prices from Monday 8 August

  • Permit duration - you can have a permit for any period between one and eighteen months.
  • Calculate the cost - the permit fee is calculated by multiplying the £13.13 monthly fee by the number of months required and then adding the £15 permit charge.

Example:  A six-month permit will cost £93.78, which is £13.13 monthly fee x 6 months + £15 = £93.78

Permit Permit charge Monthly parking fee
Hotel/guest house permit £15 £13.13

When applying for a guesthouse permit you must supply proof of the business and, if applicable, formal documentation regarding the number of letting bedrooms.

How to apply for a permit