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Resident parking permit - change of details and replacements

Change of vehicle

To transfer your permit to another vehicle we require:

  • documentation showing the new vehicle registration and the permit address eg insurance schedule, registration document.
  • £15 admin charge

If you have changed your vehicle registration plate (e.g. to personalised plates) then you should follow the same procedure as for changing a vehicle.

Change of address

Moving to an address within the same zone
Please advise us of your new address, so that we can send any correspondence to the right place. We do not charge for this service.

Moving to another permit zone
We will change your permit to one in the new zone provided you are still eligible for the permit you have.

Check your permit eligibility

We require:

  • proof of your new address
  • £15 admin charge (per permit)

Tell us of your change of details

Lost, stolen or damaged permits

If your permit has been lost or stolen you will need to provide proof of residency showing your name and address.

Please note that it is not possible to issue a replacement permit if we are unable to identify which of your permits has been lost or damaged.

When a permit is replaced the original will be cancelled. Penalty Change Notices may be issued by us to any vehicle found to be using a cancelled permit.

There is a £15 charge for this service inclusive across all permit types except for vehicle specific permits.

Any permit(s) assigned a registration are issued a virtual permit which removes the requirement to replace if damaged/lost

Tell us if your permit is lost or damaged