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Property Registration Scheme rules

Accredited landlords

If a significant number of landlords, who are accredited via an Approved organisation, register properties that fail to meet the requirements of the scheme during its registration period, the council will write to the Approved organisation advising them of the property failures and its intended action. The following courses of action will be considered:

  • inspections of other properties registered in the scheme, linked to the Approved organisation, in accordance with the council’s duty under the Housing Act 2004
  • seek to identify why there are failings linked to multiple landlords who are members of the Approved organisation’s accreditation scheme
  • members of the Approved organisation being unable to register properties in the scheme until the Approved organisation can demonstrate sufficiently across its membership that they meet the scheme requirements, are committed to supplying good-quality homes for rent and are engaged in a sustainable period of good practice
  • loss of Approved organisation status.

This will be in addition to action as described in the pages 1,2 and 3, in respect of the individual properties.