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Dropped kerbs

Apply for a dropped kerb (vehicle crossover) in principle

You can check the Access and Highway Safety Policy to see if you are likely to obtain agreement in principle and whether you require other consents for planning or utilities.

Download the application form and save it to your computer before completing it. Email it as an attachment togther with a photo or scanned document of the layout and position of the proposed access.

Download the application form

We aim to reply to you with a decision within 21 days from receiving the application.

If agreement in principle is granted, then you will need to appoint a suitable contractor and they will apply to us for technical approval (see below for further information). We will tell you if planning consent is required or not.

This only applies to people living in the Norwich City Council area.

Finding a suitable contractor

If you are arranging the works you will need to find a suitable contractor who has '(NRSWA) Streetworks accreditation’ and has documented evidence of Public Liability Insurance of £5 million.

The council does not keep a list of approved contractors. You can search for contractors online or other directory such as Norfolk Trusted Traders under ‘Drives and Driveways’.

Once your contractor has been appointed they will apply for a road opening permit (R & N) to work in the highway and will require payment of City Council fees. Norwich City Council highway officers will then advise on the specification of works and may inspect to ensure they are meet adoptable standards. 

Applications from council tenants or leaseholders

If you are a Norwich City Council tenant or leaseholder you will need to obtain written consent before making an application.

Please write to: NPS, Norwich City Council, City Hall, Norwich, NR2 1NH, or email

We will then assess your application and write to you with our decision. You will then need to submit a copy of this consent along with your application form.

Apply for technical approval

Once you have obtained approval in principal from us, your chosen contractor must then apply for technical approval by confirming how the crossover will be built. We strongly advise that you obtain technical approval first before undertaking any works on your property.

This is essential to ensure that the work is built to our specification and standards, and that the work is lawful and risks are managed.


A typical vehicle crossover costs around £1,500 although this varies and you would need to agree this fee based on quotes from contractors (this would include all fees paid to your contractor and the city council).

Financial help and arrangement of all the completion of construction work may be available for disabled residents if a dropped kerb and parking space is assessed as necessary for independent living.

For council tenants contact Norfolk County Council Social Services

For private sector tenants, housing association tenants and council leaseholders see the Norwich City Council adaptions and assistance page and complete the Healthy Homes online form.

Further advice

It is important that applicants are aware that a vehicle crossover is not a private parking space.

A vehicle crossover that is constructed and funded privately will subsequently comprise part of the highway; it is not privately owned land and does not form part of the curtilage of the adjacent property. The only exception is when it is a private road.

Consequently a vehicle crossover is not a private parking space, it is granted consent from the Highway Authority solely for purpose of vehicles to pass over. Once constructed to adoptable standards the council as Highway Authority will be responsible for its maintenance.

Where there are adjacent waiting restrictions (yellow lines) these normally apply to all parts of the highway i.e. the road, verge and footway where applicable, such parking restrictions normally applies to vehicle crossovers.

When consent is granted for a vehicle crossover, it is a simultaneous requirement that a suitable off street parking space is also provided for use at the same time as construction of the vehicle crossover. This is essential to ensure that the vehicle can park off the highway.

Consent for construction of vehicle crossovers and associated off street parking space are valid for 12 months once a consent letter has been issued. Should there be a delay or amendment to the scheme please submit another application.

The provision of hardstanding in front gardens requires planning permission where the area of proposed hardstanding measures more than five square metres and where impermeable surfaces such as asphalt are proposed. Find out more here.

Dropped kerb crossing points for wheelchair users

Please provide details of the location you are requesting for dropped kerb crossing points and we will make an assessment.

If our assessment identifies the need for these crossing points the council would fund this work, subject to available resources.

t: 0344 980 3333