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My Norwich

City council and HCA strategic partnership

Norwich City Council signed a ground-breaking partnership with the government’s housing and regeneration body, the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) in 2009.

The partnership resulted in the HCA investing £8 million in the city, with the city council investing a number of housing sites for development.

This funding saw £2.6 million used for the regeneration of the city’s war memorial and Memorial Gardens which was reopened in 2011 and £300,000 for the construction of skate park at Eaton Park in July 2010.

Funding was also made available to complete the youth venue Open 24/7 and the St John’s Cathedral visitor centre; as well as a £1.75 million project to make energy-saving improvements to around 800 council tenants’ homes.

Money was also made available to cover programme and project management costs and £2.5 million is kick-starting development on building new homes around the city  and a large site at Bowthorpe Three Score.

These sites are being jointly developed by the council and HCA, and the surplus which comes out of these will be reinvested jointly into more regeneration schemes in the city. More than 1,300 new homes and hundreds of new jobs are expected to be created over a 12-year period.

For more information you can read the HCA strategic partnership business plan.