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Norwich Climate Commission

Volunteer as a climate commissioner

We’re looking for volunteer commissioners to come forward to represent the public, private, and third sectors alongside local communities.

City Vision partners acknowledge the need to address not just climate change impacts but the wider agenda of sustainability and are keen to bring about change at pace and support the establishment of an independent evidence-based Norwich climate commission. 

City Vision partners and the commission firmly believe that if everyone pulls together and plays their part, the goals of dramatically reducing carbon dioxide emissions, reducing waste, protecting biodiversity, improving air quality creating green jobs and moving towards a circular economy can be achieved, and everyone who uses the city will enjoy the many benefits.

The commission will:

  • initially cover the geographical area of Norwich 
  • be an evidence based independent advisory body 
  • bring people from the public, private and third sectors and communities together to support, guide and track the impact of ambitious climate and sustainability actions across the city
  • focus on the transition to net zero carbon emissions, with a particular focus on energy, housing, commercial buildings, public buildings, transport, land-use, flooding and nature, and citizen engagement
  • inform and work with other initiatives across the city rather than duplicating existing efforts
  • work with other commissions including those in the Place-based Climate Action Network (PCAN)
  • be established for three years in the first instance, with a review of its contribution and value-added in year three to establish whether it should continue.

The commission aims to promote:

  • leadership in the city on climate change, encouraging stakeholders to take effective action now, the co-benefits of action, while maintaining a long-term perspective
  • climate resilience and adaptation to climate risks and impacts
  • progress towards net zero carbon emissions
  • changes in a fair and inclusive way, ensuring there are opportunities for all to access the benefits of change, and that the costs are shared fairly
  • sustainability, especially by advancing climate actions that also protect, restore and grow nature and biodiversity
  • citizen engagement with climate change and sustainability

The commission will work towards its aims by:

  • enabling engagement
  • supporting constructive debate
  • strengthening the evidence base
  • driving and celebrating best practice 
  • providing independent advice 
  • collaborating on projects and promoting innovations that result in measurable contributions towards meeting the city’s climate reduction ambitions
  • making the economic case for new initiatives and investment in low emissions and climate resilient projects
  • acting as a forum where organisations can exchange ideas, research findings, information, best practice and raise awareness
  • supporting and developing appropriate activity-based funding bids, which demonstrate measurable green recovery and low emissions district
  • recommending actions to keep the city on track to its 2040 vision
  • regularly reviewing progress.

Commissioners will be appointed as individuals and based on their experience and knowledge but with the support of their employer, organisation, community or network.

Commissioners will be expected to give their time on a voluntary basis and:

  • bring their expertise, insight and engagement skills to contribute to and promote the work of the commission
  • approve the commission’s Terms of Reference
  • attend quarterly meetings of the commission and other events where possible
  • help to set priorities, define structures and agree to a programme of work for the commission to which they contribute
  • consider and review all evidence and documentation referred to the commission
  • sign off on reports and other outputs from the commission 
  • where possible be open to co-chairing/supporting the work of project specific groups established by the commission

How to join the Norwich Climate Commission

Please complete the application form and email it to by no later than midnight on Sunday 10 October 2021.

The recruitment process be will open, transparent, and inclusive. If you have any queries or require this form in another format, please email