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My Norwich

Digital support success stories - Leontina

English as a second language

Leontina came to the UK as a refugee. She had done many different jobs and had lots of skills, but had no computer skills. To get a job as a carer she needed certification, and to get certification she needed to study using a computer.

She first visited a drop-in session and went on to receive regular weekly support from volunteers. Initially she wanted to learn how to use email, develop general computer skills, and learn how to search for jobs online. She also found it helpful learning how to use different devices.

Leontina finds that having computer skills has meant that she can do everything for herself. She values learning enormously, and computer skills have enabled her to pursue all sorts of other learning (for instance work-related skills and knowledge, and improving her English). She also uses online banking, and is able to access council services.

Most specifically, she's been able to use her new skills in work-related learning (including health and safety, dementia care, manual handling) and was able to earn the certificate she needed to get her current job as a carer.

She would absolutely recommend the project to other people, and has already done so. She believes in learning to do things for yourself, and encourages others to learn skills for themselves.