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Resident and visitor permit terms and conditions

Parking permits for your visitors

Is the permit specific to a particular vehicle?

 No, but the permit must only be used on a vehicle being used by someone who is staying in or visiting your home or is in your company other than in your place of employment or education.

What proof is required to enable the issue of permits?

 Residency – resident must provide proof of residency (dated within three months)

  • Bank statement
  • Household bill
  • Mortgage agreement
  • Tenancy agreement

The council will accept scanned or photographed copies of original documents that can be submitted electronically, as well as hard copies of the original documents. The council might be able to determine vehicle registration and household occupancy if you are not able to provide documentation. There will be an additional fee for this service, whether we are able to confirm the details or not.

What is the nature of the permit and how many can I have?

The visitor permit scheme offers a ‘short stay’ permit, with a clock allowing visits for up to four hours, plus a system based on scratchcards, each valid for one day only for longer visits.

Up to 60 ‘one-day’ scratchcards can be issued per eligible household (in minimum quantities of ten in the city centre, and twenty elsewhere) per rolling calendar year. Visitor permits and scratchcards are zone specific.

What type of vehicle can they can be used on?

 Permits are not valid for use on vehicles with an unladen weight of more than 3.5 tonnes or which exceed six metres in length

How each permit can be used:

  • The ‘short stay’ permit must be displayed, with the clock, set to the time of arrival, and allows up to four hours parking and cannot be used on the same vehicle within the zone within four hours.
  • The scratchcard must be completed with the date of use fully exposed.
  • The permit or scratchcard must be displayed on the near side of the windscreen, so that it can be read from the outside of the vehicle.
  • A permit or scratchcard does not guarantee a parking space. If no parking spaces are available, this does not justify a parking contravention elsewhere.
  • Permits are only valid for use on the dates shown on the permit.
  • Scratchcards are only valid for use on the date exposed, and up to 10am on the following day. Scratchcards beyond their expiry date are no longer valid. You may use more than one scratchcard at once if you have more than one visitor. A scratchcard will be invalid if more than one day, month or date is exposed.