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2-hour business permit terms and conditions

Please read before you use your permit

Who can get this permit?

A business or trader, a local authority or any organisation or individual (whether charitable or not) that can demonstrate the need to visit customers or clients on a regular basis within the permit parking areas.

Is the permit specific to a particular vehicle?


What proof is required to enable the issue of a permit?

Confirmation of the requirement to regularly visit clients/customers who are resident in the controlled parking zones, and a justification as to why alternative options (such as the use of the clients own permit, the dispensation scheme, or the use of existing on-street short stay provision) are not appropriate.

What the nature of the permit is and how many can I have?

The Trader Parking Permit is a paper permit which details the single zone in which it is valid or is valid in all permit zones (AZ). It must be displayed with a clock showing the time of arrival and is valid for two hours parking.

Any vehicle on which the permit is displayed cannot return to the permit parking bay for four hours after its use (although the permit can be used by another vehicle in the interim period).

Organisations and businesses must demonstrate the need for the number of permits that they apply for.

What type of vehicle they can be used on?

Permits are not valid for use on vehicles with an unladen weight of more than 3.5 tonnes or which exceed six metres in length.

How each permit can be used:

  • The permit must be displayed on the near side of the windscreen, so that it can be read from the outside of the vehicle, with the time clock set to the time of arrival.
  • A permit does not guarantee a parking space. If no parking spaces are available, this does not justify a parking contravention elsewhere. 
  • Permits are only valid for use on the dates shown on the permit.
  • The permit is only valid in on-street permit parking spaces either of the parking zone it is issued for (the zone is shown by the letter before the serial number on the permit or by the name printed on the permit) or any zone if it is an ‘all zones’ (AZ) permit. Signs near each permit parking bay will identify the parking zone.

The use of permits is monitored. Where evidence is found that the permit is being used wrongly the permit holder will be given the opportunity to provide a satisfactory explanation of the circumstances or agree actions to rectify the situation. Action will be taken by the council if no satisfactory response is received.

Refunds and exchanges

Refunds will not be made on any unexpired portion of a parking permit, so you are advised to select the length of permit suited to your requirements.

Lost permits can only be replaced where the permit is identifiable and is subject to an administration charge of £12.

Conditions of use of the clock

  • The clock is for use by and on behalf of a permit holder only
  • It must be displayed with a valid parking permit, issued for use with the clock in the windscreen, or side window, and must be visible, together with the permit at all times.
  • When in use, must be set to the time of arrival (the nearest next 15 minutes).

The use of a permit will be invalid if:

  • A false time of arrival is displayed on the clock
  • The clock is not displayed with the associated permit
  • The time on the clock is reset after parking
  • The time limit of the permit is exceeded (this is two hours)
  • You return to the parking bay within four hours