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Resident and visitor permit terms and conditions

Who can get a parking permit?

Any resident of an eligible property. Please be aware that many more recently constructed properties are not eligible for permits.

These include most properties built since 2000 within the city centre (and all those in the central ‘Castle’ area), and all properties within any permit parking area built since July 2004, unless they have been built with their own permit scheme.

If your permit scheme was introduced after July 2004, only properties that were occupied at implementation are entitled to permits. Conversions and subdivisions of older properties are considered to be ‘recently constructed’.

The date of occupation is taken to be the day on which the property was registered for Council Tax purposes.

Please be aware that… 

The use of permits is monitored. Where evidence is found that the permit is being used wrongly the permit holder will be given the opportunity to provide a satisfactory explanation of the circumstances or agree actions to rectify the situation. Action will be taken by the council if no satisfactory response is received.

Refunds, exchanges, lost or damaged permits

Refunds will not be made on any unexpired portion of a parking permit, so you are advised to select the length of permit suited to your requirements.

An allowance will be made in the event that you change your vehicle or move to an alternative address within a permit entitlement against the issue of the replacement permit, subject to an administration charge of £12.

If your permit is lost or damaged, please let us know. Replacement permits cost £12.

Permit validity

A permit or scratchcard is only valid in on-street permit parking spaces of the parking zone for which it is issued. Signs near each permit parking bay will identify the parking zone.

A permit or scratchcard does not guarantee a parking space. If no parking spaces are available, this does not justify a parking contravention elsewhere.

A parking permit is not valid for use across a dropped kerb for pedestrian or cycle use at any time or to a private driveway or garage without the express consent of the user of that drive or garage.

Displaying a permit or being in possession of a virtual permit does not override any other restrictions (eg. car club bays, limited waiting bays, single/double yellow lines)

Conditions of use of the visitor permit clock

  • The clock is for use by, and on behalf of, a permit holder only.
  • It must be displayed with a valid parking permit, issued for use with the clock in the windscreen, or side window, and must be visible, together with the permit at all times.
  • When in use, it must be set to the time of arrival (the nearest next 15 minutes).

The use of a visitor permit will be invalid if:

  • a false time of arrival is displayed on the clock
  • the clock is not displayed with the associated permit
  • the time on the clock is reset after parking
  • the time limit of the permit is exceeded (this is four hours)
  • the vehicle is parked within the permit zone within four hours

How long does it take to process a permit application?

For virtual permits please allow up to 2 working days for your application to be processed.

For all other permits please allow up to 5 working days for your application to be processed and permit(s) posted to you.

Paper permits are sent by 2nd class post.

Please note: When making an online permit application, your payment is accepted on the basis that appropriate proof documents have been attached to your application. If we have to ask you to provide additional proofs the permit will not become valid until after these have been checked and confirmed as acceptable.

Renewal reminders

Our reminder service is provided as a courtesy only. We strongly recommend that you make a note of when your permits expire as it remains the responsibility of the permit holder to check the expiry date of their permit and renew accordingly.