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Digital support success stories - Christine

Completing job application forms

Christine lost her job in the summer and had a shock when she realised that the process of applying for jobs had changed a lot since she had last been unemployed.  Everything was online and as someone who didn’t feel confident in her IT skills she felt very excluded. 

She realised quickly that she needed to build up her computer skills and decided to pay for a series of beginner lessons as part of a group course. Unfortunately this didn’t really suit her and she left most of the lessons feeling upset and frustrated. Even though the course was for beginners, the terminology wasn’t always explained clearly and she found herself feeling left behind and still struggling to use computers to apply for jobs. 

Determined to keep trying, she then found out she could get 1:1 coaching for free at lots of locations across the city. Over the past couple of months Christine has attended sessions at Tuckswood library, City Hall and Millennium library and with help from the digital inclusion volunteers there is starting to feel like she is finally making progress. Our volunteers have coached her through setting up an email address, how to check and reply to emails and how to search and apply for jobs online. She still needs some support but feels a great sense of achievement that she can almost complete a job application from start to finish on her own. She’s even thinking about progressing onto learning spreadsheets!