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Recycle at Christmas

Recycling Christmas leftovers is very much encouraged, but not everything goes in your blue bin. Here’s what to put in and what to keep out.

Not all wrapping paper can be recycled!
How can you tell? Simply scrunch the wrapping paper up in your hand, if it stays scrunched up it can be recycled, if it doesn’t (usually the shinier paper) it needs to go into your refuse bin instead. Also remember to remove any sticky tape and decorations such as ribbons and bows.

Unfortunately, we can't accept polystyrene for recycling, so please put it into your rubbish bin instead. Alternatively, why not reuse - here's some advice on how.

Christmas trees 
Real Christmas trees can be taken to Norwich Mile Cross Recycling Centre (Swanton Road), where they'll be recycled into compost. Decorations must be removed first. 

Leftover food
Norwich City Council offers a weekly food collection service. Even better, try to reduce your food waste in the first place!. Check out this brilliant campaign from Plan, Eat, Save all about reducing food waste for good. Order a replacement food waste caddy.

Oil and fat
Cooled cooking oil, lard and other fats can be recycled using your food waste caddy. Large quantities of cooking oil needs to be presented in a plastic bottle by the side of the food caddy, or can be recycled at Norwich (Mile Cross) Recycling Centre.

Christmas packaging
Lots of your Christmas packaging and cards (no glitter) can be recycled, including cardboard, cans and tins, but not all plastic. Find a full list of what you can recycle. Clean, dry and loose recycling only please.

Electrical items, batteries and textiles
Christmas tree lights on the blink? Norwich City Council will collect any unwanted small electrical items, such as hairdryers or shavers, as well as old batteries, as part of our weekly kerbside service. We can also collect your unwanted textiles.

Simply put your electrical items and batteries in a standard sized plastic bag, your textiles in a separate bag, and leave beside your recycling or refuse bin on collection day. 

Too much recycling!
Extra recycling can be put out next to your blue bin on collection day, ideally in a clear bag or cardboard box. We cannot accept glass as sidewaste. Alternatively take extra recycling to Norwich Mile Cross Recycling Centre (Swanton Road).

Find out more about recycling in Norwich