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About the Norwich Market Pop-up stall

What is the Norwich Market Pop-up stall?

The pop-up stall is one you can rent on a temporary, short-term basis. Norwich Market has one market stall designated as a pop-up — stall 176, which is located in row H near the top of the market.

Apply for a pop-up stall

Who can rent  the Norwich Market Pop-up?

The stall is ideal for a collective or group looking to rent a small stall for a themed event – for example an arts and crafts sale, photography and art sales, homeware or antiques.

It is also suitable for small innovative producers who do not require a permanent premises but whose business would benefit from a location to make retail sales on an occasional basis.

Our pop-up is also a great way to test out whether a permanent stall on Norwich Market is right for you. 

As with all stalls on Norwich Market you must be 18 or over to trade and each application will be assessed to ensure quality of product and service.

Length of let

Our pop-up stall is available to book for one week at a time and you can book up to four weeks in a year. Consecutive bookings will be considered at management's discretion depending on demand for the stall.

  • Monday to Sunday (seven days)
  • Keys are issued from 10am on your first day of trading and are to be returned by 7pm on your last day.

Pricing - Stall 176

  • £126.07 plus VAT for the full week Monday to Sunday

Specification of the pop-up stall

The stall is housed in our permanent structure stalls within the main Norwich Market site. It is approximately 8ft deep with a 10ft wide frontage. There is an electric roller shutter at the front and either a roller shutter or sliding doors for access on the sides.

Food stalls

Due to the facilities available on the pop-up stall it is not possible for us to allow bookings for catering traders where the food is prepared on the premises. Packaged food prepared at a premises registered with food safety with a minimum rating of a three star rating would be considered.


Please note that there is no extra charge for electricity. However it does have a maximum electrical load of 9KwH (single phase 40 amps). We recommend appliances cumulatively do not exceed 7KwH (single phase 30 amps). There is an electric light and at least four double sockets.

Furniture and banners

You may decorate the stall with any non-permanent items you wish including bunting, PVC signs etc. but you must not permanently fix anything to the inside or outside of the stall and must remove all your fittings before you leave. The stall comes as an empty shell so you will need to bring tables and other items with you to display your stock.

Our requirements

We require you to have Public Liability Insurance to the value of £5 million and you must submit a copy of your certificate before you start to trade. We require payment in full on or before the day you collect your keys. We also require proof of identification and proof of address.