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Other charges your rent may include

As well as the basic charge for the accommodation your rent may include other services and charges.

We will write to you at least four weeks before the beginning of each financial year (the first Monday in April) to tell you about your rent for that year.

If we need to review your rent during a financial year we will give you at least four weeks’ notice of any changes.

Inclusive charge

The amount you pay for your council home is called an inclusive charge because it can include the water rates for your property, heating and insurance.

Water rates

We collect water rates on behalf of Anglian Water and this charge is added to your rent, unless you have a water meter. The amount is adjusted if the water company increases or decreases its charges.

Reduce the amount you pay for water

Most households could halve their water charges with a water meter. Try Anglian Water's water use calculator and see how much you could save!

Switching to a meter is easy, it’s free and you can switch back to non-metered charges anytime for up to two years.

You can apply to switch to a water meter by visiting the Anglian Water website or calling 03457 919 155.

Anglian Water will tell us that it is billing you direct, and we will stop collecting water rates with your rent.

District heating

District heating schemes provide heat and hot water to a number of properties all connected to a single boiler. Charges are pooled across all schemes and a weekly charge applied to homes according to size.

Household insurance

We have a scheme, provided by Aviva, where you can pay insurance for the contents of your home which will be included in your rent payment. More about home contents insurance.

Charges for services

If you have additional services such as a caretaker service or window cleaning of communal areas you will pay for these as part of your rent.

Support services

These are the services provided to tenants in sheltered housing and to tenants who are connected to the community alarm service.

You will have been told which of these charges apply to you and how much they are when you received an offer of accommodation and when you signed for your tenancy. If you have a query or are unsure about what you are being charged for contact us on 0344 980 3333.


If you rent a council garage this will be charged separately.

Council Tax

Council Tax is a separate charge for your property – for queries about Council Tax and Council Tax Reduction contact us.

Money and budgeting advice

We are committed to helping tenants and their families stay in their homes and have a specialist team of money and budgeting advisers who can help you to sort out your finances.

If you would like to find out more about the advice available, or be referred to a money or budgeting adviser, complete the form below.

Budgeting and money advice referral form

Legal action

In some cases it may become necessary to take legal action to recover non-payment of rent and this can, in extreme cases, eventually lead to eviction.

If you are sent rent arrears letters, it is important you do not ignore these or break an agreed arrangement for paying off your arrears or you could risk losing your home.

Although eviction is very serious, we do evict tenants when there are persistent rent arrears, without good reason, or arrangements are broken.

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