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Apprenticeship story: Alana Hutchinson

Apprenticeship story: Alana Hutchinson - apprentice customer contact adviser

During my final year at school, I struggled to decide what my future career path would be and it seemed as though everyone had already figured theirs out! I knew I didn’t want to go to university so I decided to look into apprenticeships in my area. At first it was quite difficult to find one that suited me; that was until I saw that local council’s in my area offered them. This suited me perfectly as I had previously done work experience with a council before and enjoyed it immensely.

After finishing my A-Levels I applied to become an apprentice and have been working at the council since October 2019. When I first started I was overwhelmed with how friendly and welcoming my colleagues were and they helped me settle in very quickly into the role.

For me personally I believe apprenticeships help a lot with career development and progression, you not only get to learn on the job but you also are able to obtain a qualification while doing it. My best advice for those who would consider undertaking an apprenticeship is to make sure you plan the study days out week by week.

My career hopes for the future would definitely still be centred on local government as I feel that it offers a wider range of career paths. I would possibly like to be involved in an advanced registrar role as I have previously had experience within the Registrar General’s Department while on work experience. Alternatively, I would like to be involved in Human Resources.

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to anyone considering it.