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Bus lane enforcement

Bus lanes and bus gate access restrictions in Norwich

Bus lanes are used in Norwich to give priority to buses and other authorised vehicles.

Enforcement of bus lanes is managed by us using CCTV cameras and by Norfolk Constabulary by uniformed officers. 

Bus lanes can be found on many main roads in Norwich and are clearly designated using road signs and markings stating BUS LANE.
Check the signs to know when the bus lane restrictions are in operation.

At certain locations on the highway network there are access restrictions using bus lanes that are known as ‘bus gates’
These are designated using the same kind of road signs and markings as bus lanes.

Where there is CCTV camera enforcement there are signs with a camera symbol. 

Location of bus gates and restrictions.

  • Visit the journey planning page to see a plan showing which roads have access restrictions by car in Norwich city centre and which streets do not.