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Bus lane enforcement

Vehicles that can or cannot use bus lanes or bus gates

Any vehicle that has a minimum of 8 seats (excluding the driver) is classed as a bus and can use bus lanes and bus gates in Norwich.
This includes:

  • Buses
  • Coaches
  • Minibuses

Authorised vehicles

In Norwich we also allow the following authorised vehicles in bus lanes and bus gates.

  • Licensed taxis (typically London style Hackney Carriage taxis but can be other vehicle types)
  • Private hire vehicles
  • Non-motorised tricycles and bicycles
  • Emergency vehicles on emergency business
  • Statutory works vehicles (eg winter gritting vehicles, bus shelter maintenance vehicles)
  • Other vehicles as agreed with the council to use specified bus gates.

Requesting access to a bus gate

Contact us if you wish to apply for an authorised vehicle; providing reasons and details of the vehicle including the registration plate:

St Stephens Street bus gate

The bus gate at St Stephens Street is located at the junction with the inner ring road roundabout, it operates at any time but only for city bound traffic.

Any traffic that has entered Castle Meadow, Red Lion Street or St Stephens Street may exit towards the roundabout without restriction at any time.

The bus lane restriction at the junction of St Stephens Street with the inner ring road roundabout also allows the following authorised vehicles

  • Goods vehicles
  • Other vehicles as authorised by the council

Access to Castle Meadow and Red Lion Street

Access to premises on Castle Meadow (such as British Heart Foundation shop) and Red Lion Street (such as The Lamb PH) can be done by travelling either via:

i) Market Avenue into Castle Meadow and then Red Lion Street using the loading bay and then either turn around and exit towards Agricultural Hall Plain, or continue and exit via St Stephens Street outbound.

ii) Timberhill into Red Lion Street only exit via St Stephens Street outbound.  

Goods vehicles can also enter via St Stephens Street as they are authorised to use the bus gate.

Vehicles that cannot use a bus lane or bus gate

Any non authorised vehicle eg

  • Private motor vehicle of any type
  • Motorcycle or moped