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Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs)

What is a TRO?

A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is a legal order that enables us to manage traffic and parking in the city. There are three main types of TRO we use:

  1. Temporary TROs for road works
  2. Permanent TROs for restrictions that will be made on a permanent basis
  3. Experimental TROs for restrictions that are trialled on an experimental basis

TROs normally comprise of:

  • Parking restrictions - also known as waiting restrictions which are typically yellow lines.
  • Loading restrictions - also known as loading bans which are kerb markings.

Other orders and notices we use

Road hump notices

  • Traffic calming such as road humps

Pedestrian crossing notices

  • Pedestrian crossings such as Pelican, Zebra, Tiger or Toucan crossing

Prohibition of driving notices

  • Permanent road closures to traffic for a point or extent of road

Prohibition of Turn Orders

  • Banned turns

Traffic Management Orders

  • Bus and cycle lanes
  • Access restrictions; such as ‘ bus gates’ using Bus Lane Orders 
  • Weight Restriction Orders

Speed Restriction Orders

  • Speed limits

Pedestrian Zone Orders

  • For creation of pedestrian and cycle zones

Charging Orders

  • For on or off-street parking charges e.g. pay and display charges

Stopping-up Orders

  • For extinguishing the highway status of a road or land and its reversion to freehold status