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New national restrictions were introduced on Thursday 5 November. Let’s continue to work together to help prevent the spread of the virus and Protect Norwich.

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Business grants FAQs

Updated 24 April 2020

We’re aware that businesses understandably have questions around their grant payments and have put together some FAQs which may help answer some of them.

How many of the grants have you already paid out?
Nearly two thousand grants have now been made to Norwich businesses, equating to nearly £27 million, many more are being processed daily.
I sent in a small grants form some time ago and still haven’t had my payment, what’s going on?
We're working through forms as quickly as possible and making good progress, but some forms are taking more time than others as we might need to clarify criteria or request more information.  We also have a duty to check that the claim is genuine. Sometimes it’s more straightforward and therefore quicker, but as soon as we’re satisfied we have all the correct information it will go to our finance team to be processed and paid by BACS into your bank account.

Can you give me a rough date for how long it takes from submitting my form to payment?
At present between one and two weeks from us receiving the form. We work through the forms in date order, but some are more complex and need more work – in these cases it can take longer to process. We will contact you if we need more information or for you to clarify something.
Can I contact you about the process of my grant?
If we’ve had your grant for over two weeks, it’s likely that your case is more complex or we need some information from you. We will get in touch with you if this is the case but if you are worried please email: Make sure you include your business rates number in your email. You can also call our business rates team 0344 980 3333.

How do I know my grant has been paid into my bank account?
We will send you an email/letter when we have paid your grant into your account.

Some councils are ahead of us in terms of paying out grants, why?
Each council area has a completely different demographic of businesses. Norwich is unique in Norfolk for example as it has a bigger proportion of small, transient businesses whom we need to get more details from to process grants – please fill in our grants form if you haven’t already.

How do you decide who gets the grants first?
The first grants were paid out to those businesses for whom we had all the details we needed to pay as this was a straightforward process. For smaller businesses we often don’t have the details we need, so it’s taking longer – this is why we’re asking these businesses to fill in the small grants form. 

Will you keep me updated about my grant status?
We understand that there are frustrations with the lack of contact from the council to individual businesses about the status of their grant. This is a brand new process for us which we had to roll out really quickly and we are prioritising processing grants, so please bear with us. If we have a question related to your form, we will be in touch directly. Please see above about how to contact us.