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Coronavirus business closure and restrictions

New laws require that certain businesses and businesses selling food or drink for consumption on the premises must close to reduce social contact. Online retail, telephone and postal sales may continue for delivery only. You can find guidance on which businesses and venues must close and any exceptions on the government website.

Exempt businesses still trading should ensure adequate social distancing measures are in place, and that employees comply with any isolation requirements.


Local authorities have been given temporary powers to enforce the compulsory closure of certain businesses. This is to comply with laws introduced to halt the spread of COVID-19. Our public protection team, will work with police where necessary to enforce regulations.

It is an offence to breach the regulations and could result in fixed penalty notices (FPNs) being issued or prosecution and an unlimited fine. 

Pay a fixed penalty notice for coronavirus restriction online

If you receive a fixed penalty notice:

  • Pay the £100 fine within 28 calendar days of the notice being issued
  • If payment is made within 14 days of the date of the notice, the fixed penalty is reduced to £50
  • Dispute the issuing of the notice and await the court summons or request a court hearing

If you do not pay or if the court rules against you, you may be liable to pay a higher fine.

Subsequent FPNs issued will be of increasing amounts with no discount for early payment. 

Report a breach of regulations

We know that most local businesses are complying with these new rules, which are vital to protect both the public and employees.

Tell us if you think a business is in breach of the closure or restriction requirements and is:

  • open when it should be closed under current government regulations
  • operating without necessary measures to make the premises safe for employees or customer

Report your concerns about a business