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Report a stray dog

Trained Norwich City Services Limited (NCSL) staff provide an on-demand service for the collection and restraint of stray dogs within the Norwich City Council boundary.

A stray dog is a dog unsupervised in a public place regardless of whether it is wearing a collar and tag.

You can report a stray dog by calling 0344 980 3333, 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday except on bank holidays and other public holidays.

If you find a stray dog out of office hours you may have to keep it for several days before it can be collected. If you do this, please call 0344 980 3333 to arrange for a collection date when our phone lines are open.

If a dog collected by our contractor can be identified (by the collar and tag which owners are legally obliged to provide) the owner will be notified as soon as possible. The dog will only be released when payment has been made which includes a daily charge and any additional fees (eg vet fees).

See stray dog charges

Dogs will only be retained in kennels for seven days, after which they will be rehomed. Should an owner decide not to collect their pet, we will seek to recover any outstanding charges from the owner regardless of whether or not the dog is subsequently re-homed.

Fines must be paid and proof of identification provided before a dog can be released from kennels.