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My Norwich

Tractor services

The maintenance that can be carried out includes:


  • This helps aerate the soil a to relive compaction and encourages root growth

Brush, rolling, shallow slicing and raking all in one pass operation

  • To be used after games to help tidy up the pitches and leave them in good condition, ready for the next game.


  • This helps alleviate waterlogging and deep aerates the ground to promote healthy growth. The 'Verti-Drain' de-compacts soil on sports pitches by inserting equally spaced holes in the turf which allow water and air to filter through to the grass roots.

Fertilizing of turf 

  • To encourage growth depending on time of year and type of fertilizer


  • To remove all dead grass and thatch build up

Boom sprayer 

  • For selective weed management in turf

Hedge maintenance work 

  • Using the tractor side arm flail 

To book these services, get a quote or find out more information, please email or call the NCSL main office on 01603 987913