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Get ready for the local election on Thursday 

Published on Tuesday, 30th April 2019

On Thursday 2 May 2019 you will be voting to elect the candidates to represent your ward as part of Norwich City Council. 

The big difference in this local election is that all 39 councillors need to be elected at the same time due to a boundary review meaning you can vote for up to three candidates, rather than just one, to represent your ward.

The 39 elected councillors will work together to set the council’s vision, direction and budget.

Before polling day, make sure you know where your polling station is and who the candidates in your ward are.

Look up the candidates 

Norwich City Council is divided into 39 areas called wards, each represented by three councillors. Make sure you know the candidates standing in your area.

Polls are open from 7am until 10pm

You must go to your allocated polling station on 2 May between 7am and 10pm. This is stated on your poll card.

When you arrive, staff will take your name and address and cross you off on their register. You will then be able to vote.

Once you have been given your ballot paper you need to clearly mark your choices with a cross in the box next to your selected candidates. Remember, you can vote for up to three candidates in this election. 

When you have made your selection(s), fold your ballot paper and put it into the ballot box.

Return your postal vote in time

If you have received a postal voting pack you must make sure you return your postal vote so that it gets back to us by 10pm on 2 May. You can return it in the post, drop it in to City Hall, or hand the completed envelope in at a polling station in your ward.

The results

Your votes will be counted on Friday 3 May 2019, with results expected late afternoon. The results for each ward will be shared on Norwich City Council social media and the full results will be on our website.

European Parliament elections

The European Parliament election have been scheduled for 23 May.

Find out more

For more detailed information about all upcoming elections go to the elections page.