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Norwich Notes - community currency

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Norwich Notes rewards people for taking new steps in giving their time to community activities in their neighbourhood.

Norwich Notes is a paper currency that can be earned for offering support, a skill or a helping hand to one of our participating organisations in one of four neighbourhoods.

Norwich notes

In exchange for every hour you give, you’ll earn one note to spend on doing an hour of something for you. There are so many great things going on across Norwich and our community currency is a new way to give them a try.

Giving Norwich Note earners local places to earn and spend the currency is really important to us; so for this reason we are starting small. We’ll initially be working in four neighbourhoods to create hotspots of activity within the city, so that our Norwich Note earners will have lots of places on their doorsteps to get earning and spending.

The four Norwich Note areas

Our initial focus areas will be:

  • Heartsease
  • Lakenham and Tuckswood
  • Mile Cross
  • West Earlham

As the project grows we will look to introduce the project into new areas of Norwich.

Who can earn Norwich Notes?

We’re initially looking for people who live in the four focus areas to take part.

Norwich Notes is all about inspiring something new and so we’re looking for people who haven’t given their time to a community organisation in the past and fancy giving it a try. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you have anything to offer; if you’re keen to take part then we will find you somewhere where you’ll be valued.

You will need to be over the age of 18 to earn the currency.

Giving your time

The first step towards earning Norwich Notes is to become a member. Once you’re a member we can start exploring where you might like to give your time; we have a growing list of participating organisations and things that they need a helping hand with. Norwich Notes are earned for every hour you give and the participating organisation will see that you get your notes in exchange for your time.

If you live in Heartsease, Lakenham and Tuckswood, Mile Cross or West Earlham and you’re interested in earning Norwich Notes then please email the project co-ordinator Dan to ask about becoming a member

Spending your Norwich Notes

1 note for footgolf

You will get a Norwich Note in return for the hour you gave. The note can then be spent on an hour of receiving a service, doing an activity or entry to an event. We have a wide range of things you can spend your notes on ranging from going to a concert, to a round of foot-golf or even hiring a car for an hour. The easiest way to look up what to spend Norwich Notes on is online through LUMi.

Visit our catalogue of spend offers at

We will be supplying a limited number of printed catalogues to organisations where you can earn the currency. 

Is your organisation or group interested in becoming a partner?

If your organisation is based in one of the neighbourhoods where Norwich Notes is active, we’d love to hear from you. We are actively looking for new earn and spend partner organisations to join the scheme.

Please email the project co-ordinator Dan,

Supporting physical activity

Norwich Notes is a scheme run by Norwich City Council’s community enabling team as part of a broader Active Hours project, which that is funded by Sport England.

In November 2017, Norwich City Council was one of 32 successful bids to Sport England and awarded £150,000 of lottery money to fund a three year project called Active Hours.

The aim of our Active Hours project is to improve the wellbeing of residents through physical activities. These physical activities will include traditional sport and things like outdoor conservation work or health walks. We are currently working with local organisations and community groups to increase the local offer of physical activities, and the volunteering opportunities that exist to support these.

A key tool for growing the volunteer resource to support these physical activities is the introduction of a community currency – Norwich Notes.