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Housing car parks permit terms and conditions

Who can get parking permits?

Housing parking permits are available to residents who live in homes that are associated with an off street car park. Please check My Norwich for further details

Please be aware that…

The use of permits is monitored. Where evidence is found that the permit is being used wrongly the permit holder will be given the opportunity to provide a satisfactory explanation of the circumstances or agree actions to rectify the situation. Action will be taken by the council if no satisfactory response is received.

The driver of a vehicle must not allow that vehicle to wait in a marked disabled bay unless the vehicle displays a valid disabled badge and a parking permit for that resident car park.  Signage is not required in Disabled Badge bays provided the disabled bay markings are clear and visible.

Vehicles may wait in Resident car parks providing they display a valid permit for that parking place and designed with no more than 15 seats and which weighs no more than 2 tonnes un-laden weight.

The driver must not wait in a parking place other than completely within the markings of a single bay.

A vehicle must not be parked in such a way as to obstruct another vehicle, garage entrance, dropped kerb or other area requiring access. Vehicles must not park on yellow lines in front of garages, even if there is a permit sign in place.

A permit is not considered valid if defaced or obstructed so that it cannot be read, or if expired or declared by the Parking Manager, or his agent, as invalid. The permit must be on display the whole time a vehicle is waiting and attached firmly to the front windscreen with all particulars shown.  The vehicle must have valid tax. If a vehicle is SORN’d the permit will be deemed invalid.
The issue of a parking permit does not entitle the holder to reservation of any individual parking space except in the case of a parking permit allowing a vehicle to wait within a garage.

A vehicle may wait in the resident’s car park in Douro Place and Charles Square without displaying a permit, provided the period does not exceed thirty minutes.

Vehicles may wait in any resident car park for up to 10 minutes to allow the driver to board or alight and/load unload personal luggage or to collect a visitors permit. This includes Taxis waiting to collect.

Removal vehicles in the act of moving are exempt from restrictions and prohibitions on resident car parks. Although they are not permitted to overnight park.

Resident car park restrictions and prohibitions do not apply to marked vehicles being used by the Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Royal Mail and Vehicle recovery services (RAC and AA) in the execution of their duties

Commercial vehicles delivering to resident addresses are permitted to load and unload with respect of observation there must be 10 minutes of casual observation and evidence to support that loading/unloading was not being undertaken. Officers will bear in mind deliveries include reasonable time to locate an address and completion of relevant paperwork.

Statutory undertaking such as Water/Gas/Electricity/Telecommunications may wait in any resident car park whilst being used for necessary works such as laying, erection, alteration or repair of sewers, pipes/ apparatus for supplying gas, water, electricity and telecom equipment.
Similar exemptions to 14 apply in respect of maintenance, repair or removal of parking place signs and repairs to the car park. This exception will be applied to Council approved contractors working on property maintenance contracts.  Contractors must notify Parking Services of the VRM of any un-badged vehicle being used by their staff. They will supply them with identification for display whilst the vehicle is directly associated with works on behalf of Norwich City Council.
Parking Services will enter the VRM into officers PDA’s for a period of 12 months.  After 12 months the permission will expire unless an extension is applied for by the contractor.

Dispensations and on street permits are not considered valid authorisation to wait. Vehicles will be deemed to be parked in contravention if displaying these vouchers and expecting exemption to the car park prohibitions and restrictions. Apart from those car park conditions that apply in item 3

A maximum number of three PCNs shall be issued to a vehicle in any one week parked continuously in one place at a particular site and in contravention. Vehicles found in this condition are to be reported to a Team Leader who will brief other Officers on the vehicle status until the matter is resolved. Further issuing of PCNs will be on the authority of the Parking Manager or agent.

Any vehicle identified by attachment of a seven-day notice is undergoing an abandoned vehicle enquiry and will be ignored for enforcement purposes. However report these incidents for briefing purposes.

Foreign registered vehicles are not exempt from parking regulations. Officers should issue such vehicles a PCN if parked in contravention.

Grassed areas on housing land will be enforced as double yellow lines if signage is present.

A motorcycle may wait in any resident car park without displaying a permit.

Refunds, exchanges, lost or damaged permits 

If you change your vehicle you will need to return your permit and provide proof of new vehicle ownership at your address. Changes cost £12.

If you move to another council property where there is a housing scheme car park, you will need to apply for a permit as a new applicant.

If your permit is lost or damaged, please let us know. Replacement permits cost £12.

Permit validity 

  • Permits are only valid for use in the residents' car park it is issued for - this will be shown by up to three letters above the serial number on the permit.
  • Entry signs to the car park  and signs near each permit parking bay will identify the housing car park.

How each permit can be used 

The permit must be displayed on the near side of the windscreen, so that it can be read from the outside of the vehicle. A permit does not guarantee a parking space. If no parking spaces are available, this does not justify a parking contravention elsewhere. Permits are only valid for use on the dates shown on the permit.