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Street cleaning

Street cleaning frequency

The frequency that streets are cleaned varies, with areas of higher footfall and main routes into the city being cleaned more often.

Routes and areas Cleaning programme Frequency
City centre Frequencies vary from continuous cleaning throughout the day, 8am to 5pm of some streets to others which are cleaned once a day and once a week Monday to Saturday
Prince of Wales Road and other areas where there is a night time economy Daytime litter collection and mechanical sweep, once a day. Extra cleaning early on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Seven days a week
All main routes into Norwich (eg Earlham Road) Litter pick and a mechanical sweep. Once a week
Residential areas Litter pick and a mechanical sweep. Monthly or once every 13 weeks
Streets outside schools during term-time Litter picked once a day, which includes at least 50 metres in both directions from the entrance gates. Monday to Friday
Smaller shopping areas (eg Plumstead Road shops) Litter clearance once a day. Monday to Friday
Norwich Market Litter pick and a mechanical sweep. Monday to Saturday (after 6.30pm)
Litter bins Emptied as and when required (some are emptied more frequently depending on their usage). Monday to Saturday
Industrial estates (ie Sweetbriar Road industrial estate) Litter pick and a mechanical sweep. Twice a year