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We do not provide a pest control service for the removal of bees, but we can offer advice and details of local beekeepers that can help you.

Bees are often confused with wasps because they have a similar shape. However, wasps have distinct yellow/black bands around the abdomen whereas bees tend to be a lighter brown/yellow colour. For the treatment of wasps contact the NSCL pest control team.

Removing honey bees

Beekeepers will volunteer to collect swarms of honey bees whenever they can. They do not remove bumble bees but are happy to give information to the public and assist in identifying them.  They do not deal with wasps.

Norfolk Beekeepers Association volunteer swarm collectors in the Norwich City Council area (list updated May 2023):

  • Paul Cain – 07792 770678
  • Kevin Woodruff 07780 596490
  • James Croft 07810203368

Other beekeepers in the Norwich area:

  • Andrew Dellbridge - 07778 574991

Alternatively, visit the British Beekeepers' Association website to find a local registered swarm collector.

Identifying wasps and bees

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