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Online forms: private hire or hackney carriage transfer (new vehicle)

Use this form to transfer your vehicle licence to a new vehicle

If your licence has expired or if any of the details below have changed you will need to apply for a new licence.

  • proprietor's name
  • proprietor's address
  • change of vehicle
  • vehicle registration number
  • plate number

To transfer and pay for your vehicle licence you will need the following:

  • current Mechanical Fitness Test Certificate (please upload a scanned or photographed copy of the certificate - make sure you have it saved on your computer before proceeding)
  • licence reference number (as shown on your licence/renewal letter)
  • email address
  • credit or debit card

Once you have started, you must continue to the end and submit the form. Please note that you only have 10 minutes to fill out each page and you will not be able to come back to the form at a later time because your answers will not be saved.

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