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About devolution – a proposed deal for Norfolk

Devolution is when some powers of decision making and funding are transferred to an area (Norfolk in our case) from central government so decisions around how money is invested into the economy can be based on local intelligence and made by people who understand local needs best. 

For Norfolk, the proposed devolution deal will require a directly elected leader which might help to unlock central government funding.

Locally, negotiations for the devolution deal have been held exclusively between Norfolk County Council and the government.

For up-to-date information on the proposed deal for Norfolk visit

Comment from Alan Waters, leader of the council

Alan Waters, leader of the city council, said: “Anything that involves the transfer of power from central to local government, with greater local influence over local services, will always be welcomed.

“Whatever comes out of this devolution deal, we want the best deal for Norwich, along with the funding required, so we can continue to be a successful and thriving city.

“The proposed deal for Norfolk involves the government transferring £20m every year, for 30 years, shared out between the county council and the Norfolk’s district councils. 

“While the transfer of some power and funding to local councils is clearly the way forward, it won’t address the day-to-day funding of services which our residents rely on us to provide.

“Norwich is the regional and economic powerhouse within the eastern region. So we will be looking for the best funding opportunities for the city as details of the deal emerge and local residents can have their say on proposals.”

8 December 2022

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