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Licensing - Scrap metal dealers

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All scrap metal dealers in the city council’s boundary require a licence under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.

You are a scrap metal dealer if you are:

  • carrying on a business which consists wholly or partly in buying or selling scrap metal, whether or not the metal is sold in the form in which it was bought
  • carrying on a business as a motor salvage operator

There are two types of licence:

  • site licence - allows you to buy and sell scrap metal from a fixed location within the council area
  • collectors licence - allows you to travel within the council area to collect scrap metal, you may not take this metal back to a site that you run within the council area in order to sell it.


  • Site licence - £304
  • Collectors licence - £156
  • Renew site licence - £304
  • Renew collectors licence - £156
  • Vary, licensee name change - £46
  • Vary, change of site - £270
  • Vary, change of site  manager - £158
  • Vary, site to collectors - £46
  • Vary, collectors to site - £46

How to apply

Apply online for a licence

Regulation summary

View the summary of the regulations.

Will tacit consent apply?

No. Please contact the city council if you have not heard from us within a reasonable period of time.

How to appeal

Please contact the city council in the first instance.

How to tell us about a changes in circumstances

Tell us about a change in circumstances.