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Electric Vehicles and EV charging points

Electric vehicles (EVs) can help us achieve cleaner transport and air in Norwich.

Norwich City Council provides two public EV charge points at UEA Enterprise Centre car park with 50kW rapid charge (2 hour maximum stay – no parking fee).

Charging point locations

To find out more about the location and technical specification of all EV charge points in the Norwich area please refer to Zap-Map, CarWow or other EV chargepoint directories.

We’re keen to encourage greater use of electric vehicles and the introduction of new charging infrastructure through the Transport for Norwich Strategy.

As part of new development we generally require provision of EV charge points. 

EV charging at home or work

If you want to charge an electric vehicle on the street using a power cable to an EV charge point on your property, you will need to apply to Norfolk County Council for permission to run an electric vehicle charging cable across a public footway.

Alternatively, please use public EV chargepoints or consider using an electric hybrid vehicle that has an alternative energy source.


If householders or businesses that have their own parking want to have EV chargepoints fitted there are available from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).

Further advice about EVs

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