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Council Tax financial information

Item Norwich City Council (millions) Norfolk County Council (millions) Police and Crime Commissioner (millions)
Net expenditure 2024-25 £20.487 £527.748 £211.396
Net expenditure 2023-24 £19.041 £493.707 £199.854
Council Tax requirement 2024-25 £11.524 £64.833 £12.248
Council Tax requirement 2023-24 £11.041 £60.934 £11.590

The reasons for any differences between the amounts stated and each authority’s opinion of the effect that gross expenditure has on the level of Council Tax set are disclosed separately:

Norwich City Council

Report to full council on 21 February 2024

Norfolk County Council

Report to full council on 20 February 2024

Police and Crime Commissioner

Budget to full council on 6 February 2024

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