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Gypsies and travellers

In Norwich there are two official residential traveller sites: 

  • Mile Cross
  • Costessey - Roundwell

Norfolk has three other official traveller sites:

  • Gapton Hall, Great Yarmouth (transit site)
  • Splashes, Swaffham (residential site)
  • Saddlebow, King's Lynn (residential site).

Norfolk and Suffolk Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Service 

Norfolk County Council provides the travellers' sites and the liaison officer, based at County Hall in Norwich, is responsible for all issues relating to travellers and local communities in the whole county.

Contact details: Visit the Norfolk County Council website or call the travellers' liaison officer on 01603 222473.

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment

We are committed to meeting the housing needs of all sections of our community. For some gypsies and travellers, appropriate housing means designated sites rather than 'bricks and mortar' housing.

The Accommodation Assessment, August 2012, provides information about the needs of gypsies and travellers.

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