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Illegal parking

Are you sure the vehicle is parked illegally?

There are some parking infringements and situations that we cannot enforce, and in these cases no action will be taken. Examples of these include:

  • No yellow lines in the area
  • Vehicle on paths, pavements and the corners of roads (where no yellow lines are present)
  • Grass verges (where there is no restriction on verge parking)
  • In controlled parking zones not managed by Norwich City Council
  • Unattached caravans and trailers

Report illegal parking

If you believe the car is parked illegally, please provide as much information as possible, such as location, car registration, colour, make and model. You can also upload any supporting images.

Report illegal parking (Parking Operations)

What happens next

Cases will be referred to the parking enforcement team to investigate the matter in accordance with our Parking Enforcement policy.

This policy refers to the Civil Parking Enforcement Guidance Manual on Norfolk County Council's website. Please note, no follow-up correspondence will be provided.

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