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Report fly-posting

Fly-posting is illegal and involves placing unauthorised advertising eg posters, leaflets or banners on public buildings and in public places.

We regularly remove fly-posting from street furniture, trees and council land and buildings.

Instead of fly-posting, events should be promoted through the media, on social media or by seeking permission to display posters in people’s/businesses windows.

When you make a report

Please provide us with a full description of the incident, including:

  • exact location
  • date when first seen
  • how big it is, what its advertising, any contact details
  • if it's obscene or offensive

Report fly-posting

Fines and enforcement

A fixed penalty notice of £80 will be issued to anyone caught displaying posters illegally.

Multiple or repeat offences may be reported to the courts for prosecution and could carry a fine of £2,500 for each offence.

If you have been issued with an FPN for fly-posting, find out how to pay it.

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