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Sky lantern and balloon release ban

We have joined other local authorities and organisations in banning all helium balloon and Chinese/sky lantern releases on council owned land and property.

The release of helium balloons and sky lanterns has increased in recent years. These balloons and lanterns pose hazards to wildlife and livestock causing injury and death. Lanterns can also cause injury to humans, damage to buildings, woodland and agricultural land.

Chinese (or ‘Sky’) lanterns consist of a paper-covered wire or bamboo frame and an open flame heat source, which lifts the lantern into the air where it can float for miles from the point of release. Once the flame is extinguished the lantern falls back to earth.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that ‘biodegradable’ lanterns are safe either. Bamboo can take decades to degrade and there is still a fire risk.

Please see the RSPCA website for alternatives to balloon releasing and sky lanterns.

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