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Fixed penalty notices

We will issue a fixed penalty notice (FPN) on the spot or by post to anyone who has committed an offence such as:

  • littering
  • fly-tipping
  • graffiti
  • failure to clear up after your dog
  • abandoning a vehicle

If you receive a fixed penalty notice

There are two options available if you receive an FPN:

  • Pay the FPN within 14 calendar days of the notice being served (the date is shown on bottom of the notice). No further action will be taken
  • Dispute the serving of the notice and await the court summons or request a court hearing

Some offences offer a lower penalty if paid within 10 days.

If you do not pay or if the court rules against you, you may be liable to pay a higher fine.

Charges for fixed penalty notices

The cost of an FPN depends on the offence and these costs are listed below along with the possible conviction costs if the matter goes to court.

Offence If paid in 10 days If paid in 14 days (outside of 10 days) Maximum penalty on conviction
Depositing litter £60 £80 £1,000
Failure to comply with a Community Protection Notice (CPN) £70 £100 unlimited
Failure to comply with a dog control Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) £70 £100 £1,000
Failure to comply with other PSPOs £70 £100 £1,000
Graffiti and fly-posting £60 £80 £2,500
Failure to produce waste documents £180 £300 unlimited
Failure to produce authority to transport waste £180 £300 unlimited
Unauthorised distribution of free printed matter £60 £80 £2,500
Failure to comply with a waste receptacles notice £40 £60 £1,000
Exposing a vehicle for sale on a road £60 £80 £2,500
Repairing a vehicle on a road £60 £80 £2,500
Abandoning a vehicle £120 £200 £2,500
Failure to nominate an alarm key holder £60 £80 £1,000
Noise from dwellings £60 £80 £1,000
Noise from licensed premises £350 £500 unlimited
Unauthorised or harmful deposit, treatment or disposal etc. of waste £150 £300 Unlimited fine and/or 5 years in prison on conviction of indictment

Seen it? report it

If you see someone commit one of the offences listed above, please report it to us.

Report it