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Covid alert level for Norwich

The government confirmed on 12 October 2020 that Norwich is in Tier 1 (medium) of the new 3-tier system. Let’s all pull together to help prevent the spread of the virus and avoid further restrictions.

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Report discarded syringes, needles and bodily fluids

If you find a discarded syringe or needle in a public place:

  • do not touch it
  • if possible carefully cover it eg with a cone or a box
  • report it to us immediately.

We aim to remove needles within two hours of receiving a report or the following day if reported out of hours.

When you make a report

Please provide as much information as possible:

  • exact location
  • when you first saw it
  • number of needles, any bodily fluids
  • any drug paraphernalia left at the same location

Report discarded syringes/needles/bodily fluids

Out of hours: If you are reporting this after 4pm on Monday to Friday, over the weekend, on a bank holiday or public holiday, please call 01603 412180.

Disposing of clinical waste

This is usually associated with medical needs like wound dressings and incontinence pads. If treatment has been prescribed, you or your surgery/hospital will need to make arrangements for proper disposal.