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Local development orders

Local development orders (LDOs) are used to simplify the planning process by allowing certain developments to take place without the need for planning applications to be made. This provides an incentive for developers to proceed without the time and cost implications of having to submit a planning application.

Adopted local development order: Replacement windows and doors

This LDO allows for the replacement of windows and doors in flats without the need for planning permission providing the conditions listed in the order are met. The order does not apply to flats in identified historically important buildings or those in conservation areas.

Adopting this order not only benefits flat owners, as it will save them time and money, but it also benefits the council’s own window replacement programme – part of our drive to improve the energy efficiency of tenants’ homes.

Further information is available in the LDO, and guidance document which sets out examples of when planning permission would or would not be required. The statement of reasons sets out why we decided to introduce the LDO.

The order operates across the whole of the Norwich City Council local planning authority area. There is a very small section of the council's  area which is looked after by the Broads Authority. This means for this area, near Cremorne Lane, the Broads Authority is the local planning authority. This LDO does not apply to any of the properties situated within this area.